Student Questions and Answers, part 1

Q: What made Cody write this music for us?

The Cochran Wrenn Duo commissioned composer Cody Forrest to write this piece to be performed by flutist Bonnie Cochran, guitarist Bryan Wrenn and the Marlborough High School Wind Ensemble.

Q: Why does no one play in the beginning?

In the first few measures of Lux Arcana, Cody introduces the passacaglia theme that is the basis for the whole 1st movement of the piece. The beginning of the piece is a guitar solo, so no one in the Wind Ensemble plays during those measures. This will make more sense the flute and guitar begin rehearsing with the Wind Ensemble.

Q: How did we get chosen for this?

After conceiving the idea for InConcert, Bonnie Cochran and Bryan Wrenn talked with several local band directors and trusted advisors about the idea. In the end, we chose to collaborate with the Marlborough Public Schools Music Program because: 1) Bonnie Cochran wanted this project to benefit the community in which she lives, 2) Wind Ensemble Director Gary Piazza expressed excitement about the collaboration and how this type of project could benefit his students, and 3) Bonnie and Bryan saw that InConcert had the potential to benefit the Marlborough community to a much greater degree than the other communities we were exploring.

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