How the Piece Came Together: 6th In-class Session at MHS

Bonnie Cochran, Bryan Wrenn and composer Cody Forrest visited the Marlborough High School Wind Ensemble for the 6th In-class session today. In this session we learned about Cody and about how Lux Arcana came to be.

Cody told us about his early musical experiences, playing the French Horn in band and starting to compose. We learned that film music was a big inspiration for him at first and about other influences he had along his journey to becoming a composer.

When beginning to compose, Cody thinks through many aspects of a piece before he composes a note. He often listens to other pieces of music when preparing to compose a piece, and he looks at printed music written for specific instruments to learn what he can from the way the music actually looks on the page.

Cody also talked about where the title, Lux Arcana, came from and about some of the challenges he experienced during the composition process. (You can read about some of those challenges in a recent blog post: Checking In With Cody: Challenges.)

Then Cody discussed how he thinks of harmony and the way he used it in the piece. He also outlined how he used the student input from a survey we conducted in Spring 2017 and how he used the students’ melodic and rhythmic contributions in the final piece.

Although we had hoped to have a mini-rehearsal with the students, there was only just time to start the piece before class ended. Cody led us in a very interesting and informative discussion, and getting to hear the first part of the piece was very exciting after all the time and effort put into getting to this point.